The APPG on Ticket Abuse exists to promote, and provide a forum for the discussion of, issues relating to the sale and resale of tickets for events, with a particular focus on devising solutions to the problem of ticket touting. Members of the Group believe that the large scale, unauthorised resale of event tickets is against the interests of both consumers and intellectual property rights holders, and believe that the solution is greater transparency in the secondary market and a greater ability for event holders to control who can re-sell their tickets.


  • To provide a Parliamentary forum for the discussion of all matters relating to the sale and resale of tickets to events and exhibitions, particularly live performances of music, theatre and comedy.
  • To push on a cross-party basis for Government action to reform the secondary ticketing market in the interests of consumers and rights holders, particularly by increasing the transparency of ticket supply.
  • To identify and raise awareness of fraudulent activities within the live event ticketing market.
  • To provide a forum through which external individuals and organisations concerned in the live event ticketing market can offer advice to Parliamentarians, share best practice and establish shared positions and priorities.


Government members

Lord Colin Moynihan (Co-Chair)

Stephen McPartland (Vice Chair)

Andrew Bingham

Nigel Adams

Steve Brine

Penny Mordaunt

Stephen Barclay

David Morris

Mark Garnier

Mark Pritchard

Opposition members

Sharon Hodgson (Co-Chair)

Kerry McCarthy

Nick Smith (Vice Chair)

Steve Rotheram

Robert Flello

Chris Bryant

Roberta Blackman-Woods

Tom Watson


  • The administration of the Group is shared between Co-Chairs; any enquiries can be sent to sharon.hodgson.mp@parliament.uk

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